every month i will have a new page/blog to show what's up in my life AND yours! i will put up things about you by you emailing me. (this was mentioned on the home page) as you still know, you are free to explore! as you may have already seen, on the top of the page,(under it says things like, "home" and "pages of wonder" those are different pages/blogs that have new and different things on them. this is just the start of GREAT pages on MARINA.COM!!! p.s, i hope you look at everything before you leave the site! 


some of my friends are: natalie talavera, marie trishman, isabelle everhart, maddie everhart, megan fitzpatrick,and so many more it would take up this WHOLE website! so, if i did NOT list your name here, remember, email me! thanks!

editing the site

if you would like me to change the site up a little bit every 2 months or so, email me. i am open to ANY ideas! i have a VERY fun and creative mind. i am sure i will accept some ideas for my website. and remember, when you figure out about my website, tell your friends this is the place to go!! 1 last thing, IT'S TIME TO GO GREEN!!! SAVE OUR PLANET!!!!!;0 :) :)